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Off Grid Box – The Smart and Compact Stand Alone System Made in Italy

Hundreds of new ideas came up during the past years in the technological/scientific field. This is because of subsidized startup companies and several national and European announcements. Nevertheless, an invention does not mean a huge and smart idea, because, often, it does not meet the user needs with functional systems.

This is the case of OFF GRID BOX. It is an all-in-one, self-contained utility system that enables independent living in any environment, whether by choice or because of natural disasters. The patented system integrates photovoltaic and wind energy production, rainwater capture for domestic use and family agriculture, sewage sanitation with solar thermal energy, pellet stove for heating and many other optional parts.

The photovoltaic roof directs rainwater with a gutter in the 1.500 liters lower cistern. A high-efficiency pump with mechanical and UV (Ultra-Violet) filters sterilizes the water to be used at home, for animals or in the garden. It is possible to add a timer for irrigation, additional water tanks and/or dilute the well water if it is too hard or polluted. The Off Grid Box allows to produce, through the sunlight, up to 20 kWp, store it safely in robust batteries and convert it to alternating current. The solar thermal patented system heats up the water and is integrated with pellet boilers (or pellet/wood) to heat up the whole building.

With the SMART model of the Off Grid Box is possible to have:

  • “high efficiency” photovoltaic European modules with variable capacity (and numbers) depending on the electric user. There is also the platform roof model – with 1 kWp per car – or roof model,
  • maintenance free batteries with PbGEL (120 Ah each but with upgrading potential),
  • inverter – made in EU – with generator/grid back-up potential (different power capacities and upgrading potential),
  • rain water tank with pumps station. 60 micron filters, active carbons and UV sterilization,
  • automatic irrigation timer 24h programmable,
  • heat pump for Domestic Hot Water and /or high efficiency heating system water,
  • more tanks for the water stock,
  • pellet or wood heating system,
  • Wi-Fi satellite connection,
  • mini-wind turbines (500 W),
  • remote monitoring system with display and smartphone’s App,
  • 2 kW electrical generator.

This idea is appreciable and innovative, especially for users who have difficulties with the national electrical and water grid. In my opinion, it will be very important to develop the production and logistic part; in such way it would be possible to produce all-in-one systems with cheap materials for the poorest countries.        


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