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MOVE Project: lead electricity to disaster victims


Nowadays electricity is become necessary for everyone. When natural disasters happened, some georgraphical areas can be left without electricity. It happens because the electrical link used to transmit and distribute energy to people are interrupted. Usually, the duration of works to restore the electrical links can be very long. The MOVE Project has the goal to provide electricity to natural disaster victims in time of need. The project was born in the USA thanks to the IEEE, Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers.

Actually the MOVE Project consists of only one truck. It can provide not only electricity but also Wi-Fi, lightining, communication supports and battery chargers.

The MOVE’s services

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The first time the truck appeared during an emercency was on July 2016, when a flooding in West Virginia happened. The truck was used as a support to the operations of theAmerican Red Cross. After that, the truck was used during the flooding in Missouri and Louisiana, the Hurricane Matthew in Florida and North Carolina, the hurricane Hermine in North Carolina and a wildifire in Tennessee. The servicies offered by the truck are:

  • Wi-Fi to make easier the communication between rescuers and victims
  • Possibility to recharge almost 120 mobiles
  • Telephones on board in case the signal for mobiles isn’t avaible
  • Pv panels and a diesel generator to provide electricity
  • Possibility to use the truck in order to transport necessary goods to rescuers

The IEEE states that some engineers are working on new trucks for the MOVE Projects. These news trucks will be smaller and suitable to be employed in difficult areas or islands.

MOVE is also educational…

truck, IEEE, MOVE, USA, elettricità, vittime, emergenza, wifi, disastri, camion, volontari, ingegneri, alluvioni, incendi, uragani

When the truck isn’t employed in emercencies, it has another mission: the spreading of the “STEM education” (“Science, technology, engineering and mathematics”). The goal is to show people how a technological support is fundamental to rescuers during natural disaster. Moreover, MOVE takes part to the “Home Fire Campaign“, an awareness campaign to make communities safer from home fires. During some events, MOVE has become the control center for the installation of  smoke detectors in houses.

MOVE grows up thanks to volunteers and donations. To donate click here.


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